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Benefits Of Too Cool Club
Programs are designed to reverse peer pressure and solicit voluntary participation.
Our focus is the emotional, psychological and spiritual aspect of a child's development.
We provide entrepreneurial training programs and financial literacy courses .
We provide community development and mentoring programs.
What Makes Too Cool Club So Unique?
Most drug prevention and self esteem building programs focus on the effect of a problem instead of the cause of the problem. Too Cool Club specifically addresses the root causes of most negative child behavior.
A multi-racial group of college students on a white background
Our Programs
At Too Cool Club we believe that the key to a child’s success lies in education. Not necessarily traditional education but Self education. Therefore, we incorporate character education and experiential learning processes into our curriculum that provides young people with self-awareness and self-confidence which are the keys to their success. Across the country, hundreds of creative youth development programs are setting high expectations for young people, encouraging positive risk taking, promoting youth education development, and offering real-world opportunities to contribute to social change. Creative youth development programs through a series of age-appropriate live workshops and online training courses we provide transformational learning experiences that empower youth to reach their full potential.
Too Cool Club workshops focus on effective delivery of core content using interactive training methods and group process skills.

Our Facilitators
The most important component of our programs is our facilitators. We employ the most well educated highly trained and diverse trainers in the education industry. Our teachers are passionate about educating youth and they are also compassionate and empathetic to a child’s needs. Having caring and nurturing educators ensures that our students receive the highest level of care and facilitation available. Our comprehensive training program provides our trainers with unparalleled expertise and experience in dealing with the emotional, intellectual, physical and spiritual aspect of a child’s development.
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Our Vision
Our vision is to create an international network of Too Cool Clubs around the globe. Through physical buildings and online communities, we are committed to empowering children of all races, backgrounds and cultures.
We envision empowering the next generation of kids with the tools needed to solve the majority of the world’s problems and come together as one human family. The family of humanity where every child is given the opportunity to reach their full potential and have a positive impact on their own lives as well as having an impact on their communities and the world at large.
We strengthen the skills, competencies, and abilities of the youths at our community-based facilities and we are excited about expanding our services on a global scale to support our youth. It's an intense, immersive program for kids and young people looking to gain the tools and understanding to reach their full potential.

That’s Cool… But What Else Can Too Cool Club Do?
The goal of Too Cool Club is to create a network of highly trained youth that actually facilitate our programs within the school system in addition to on our campus. Imagine having Too Cool Clubs in every middle through high school where youth create a community of like minded individuals that support each other in dealing with the multiplicity of challenges youth face.

In addition, imagine a group of highly trained youth that are committed to community service outreach programs that improve their communities while providing a support system for their personal development.
Community Service Initiative
Anti-Bullying Conferences
Community Picnics
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